1946 Bridge train  №460 was redeployed to station Soltsy, then to station Pola of the Kalinin railroad where restored bridges across the Shelon river, the Pola river, the Western Dvina river, the Selizharovka river etc.

1949 Bridge train  settled in the city of Kalinin on a regular bases, restored bridges of the Oktyabrskaya railroad  across the Volga river and Tvertsa river.

2000-2005 traffic interchanges Ushakovskaya, Avtovskaya and Industrialnaya were commissioned in Saint-Petersburg. In Moscow there were built the Moscow river bridge at Moscow City MMDC,  traffic interchange at Volokolamskoe motorway and Svoboda Street turn crossing with the tunnel under  the Moscow canal, projects at the sector of the Third ring road from Zvenigorodsky motorway to Begovaya Street, traffic interchange over MKAD with approaches from Nikolai Ctarostin Street in Novokosino. Railroad overbridge war restored near  Bryansky head of set of sorting sidings at Moscow– Smolenskaya packet station, Moscow railroad (through bridge Tyomny).

2004 traffic started on the cable bridge phase 1 on the ring road (KAD) in Saint-Petersburg. The bridge is the only fixed one over the Neva river.

2005 Mostootryad  №19 started construction of phase 1 of Saint-Petersburg Western High-Speed Diameter as General Contractor.

2006 railroad overcrossing opened at block Ligovo-Strelna; Efim Mikhailovich Igolinsky was appointed General Director.

2005-2007 Lieutenant Shmidt (Blagoveshensky) bridge over the Neva river was reconstructed. This is the first opening bridge in Saint-Petersburg.

2007 Bolshoi Obukhovsky cable bridge phase 2 was completed. Consortium agreement was signed , and entity WHSD Nevsky Meridian Ltd. was established by Bouygues Travaux Publics, Mostootryad  №19, Strabag, Hoсhtief and Egis.

2008 railroad cable over-crossing  at station Saint-Petersburg – Sortirovochny – Moscowsky was built at crossing of Aleksandrovskaya Ferma avenue, KAD section from station Rzhevka to Shafirovsky avenue including over-crossing Ryabonsky and arched bridge over the Bolshaya Okhta river. Traffic started on the first phase of the Western High-speed Diameter southern site including the 3rd and 4th districts of the maritime port.

2009 Mostootryad  №19 signed  an agreement on package of designing, manufacturing and metalware installation works for the football ground in the west of Kirovsky Island; traffic started on the first phase of Volokolamsky tunnel in composition of  traffic interchange of Leningradskoe motorway and Volokolamskoe motorway in the metro Sokol area in Moscow. Mostootryad  №19 in composition of four Saint-Petersburg companies was permitted for the works influencing capital construction safety. Mostootryad  №19 won an open tender for construction of the WHSD second phase from a traffic interchange at Krasnoputilovskaya street to a traffic interaction at Blagodatnaya street.

1981-1992 bridges over the Kolva river in Komi ASSR, bridges at the Urengoy gas field were built . In Kalinin region more than 120 bridges and overpasses were built, 17 of them are across the Volga river. Leningrad flood protection complex projects are under construction  (overpass at atation Lisiy Nos, outlet work bridges on Kotlin Island). Totally more than 600 bridges and engineering structures were commissioned in the period.

1986 a new  four-storey building of Mostootryad №19 Department was built in the center of Krasnoe Selo.

By 1990 a share of Mostootryad  №19 in building and assembly jobs of Trust Mostostroy №6 had made up more than 30%.

1991 Vladimir Ivanovich Kudryashov headedMostootryad  №19.

1992 г. the company was turned into a joint-stock company. Efim Mikhailovich Igolinsky became Board Chairman.

1995 open joint-stock company Mostootryad  №19 started reconstruction the Moscow ring road (MKAD)  and construction of projects on the Moscow third transport ring. 17 of 54 MKAD projects were built: Gurievskoe motorway overpasses at the 1st km of the MKAD, across Leninsky Prospekt at the 45th km, across the MKAD on Rublyovo- Uspenskoe motorway, bridges over Moscow canal in Khimky etc.

1994-1998 the unique arched bridge (built by Mostootryad №19 in 1963)  across the Volga river in Staritsa and the bridge in Rzhev were reconstructed, моста во Ржеве, the Luga river bridges in Kingisepp and the Medveditsa river bridge in Verkhnaya Troitsa were built.

1962-1970 bridges, overpasses and other engineering structures in Leningrad, Leningrad region, Arkhangelsk region, Tyumen region, Tver region, Yaroslavl region, Moscow region, Komi ASSR.

12.12.1968 by order of the Ministry of transport construction  № 600/ОК  Bridge train  №460 was reformed into Mostootryad  №19.

1970-1980 11 production areas were developed: Kalininsky, Leningradsky, Vyshnevolotsky, Torzhkovsky, Nelidovsky, Rzhevsky (Selizharovsky), Usogorsky, Vesiegonsky, Kalyazinsky, Usinsky, Novo-Urengoisky. Team-based contracts appeared. Mostootryad  №19 became the largest division in the system of Glavmostostroy under the Ministry of transport construction  of the USSR and ranked among the leaders in the transport construction industry of the Northwest region.

1949-1954 in Komi ASSR (in the North) a railroad bridge was built across the Vel river (Pechora railroad), railroad bridge over motorway Staritskoe in the city of Kalinin, bridges across the Toropa river and the Volga river at station Peno (Kalinin railroad).

1954-1958 a railroad bridge was built at station Slantsy, the first arched motorway bridge in the city of Slantsy, culverts on railroad line Gatchina- Narva, a morotway bridge over the Luga river in Ust-Luga.

1 April, 1958 Bridge train  №460 moved to the city of Krasnoe Selo, Leningrad region.

1959-1962 an off-class motorway and railway bridge across the Vychegda river in Komi ASSR.

1962 the company was headed by Ivan M. Alexeenko who had been running it for almost 30 years.

1941 г. military-emergency train №60 was formed by order of the manager of Kirov railroad № 219/ВСС. Yakov M. Korolev became the head. By orders  №1 and №2 132 people of the Kem station track service were added to the Bridge train`s staff.

1941-1945  the team of Bridge train №60 restored the bridges of the Kirov railroad, moorings in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. During the war activity more than 2700 running meters of engineering structure were restored.

1945 Bridge train  №60 went to the Leningrad front in the composition of Nevsko-Volkhovskoe bridge building department  (Mostostroy-6), where it got its new name Bridge train  №460.

2010 Mostootryad  №19 won an open tender for construction of the WHSD second phase from Kalinin street to a traffic interchange in the Ekateringofka area.
Mostootryad  № 19 won a tender for construction the third phase of the Western High-speed Diameter from the interchange at the ring road to a traffic interchange with motorway Е-18  Scandinavia.
In Moscow traffic started on the transit elevated road of the Third traffic ring (TTK) in district MMDC Moscow City.
Mostootryad №19 won a tender for construction of the WHSD fifth phase from the right bank of the Bolshaya Nevka river to a traffic interchange at crossroad with Bogatyrsky avenue.
Mostootryad  №19 became the General Constructor and opened traffic on the first section of the Western High-speed Diameter from traffic interchange at Krasnoputilovskaya street till traffic interchange in the Blagodatnaya street area.

2011 г. by decision of the Board S.I. Barchevsky was assigned General Director.
Traffic started on traffic interchange of the WHSD base line over the ring road and provided complete connection of plant Hyundai to the ring road in both directions Kronshtadt and Moskovskoe motorway.

2012 г. Mostootryad  №19 began construction of a section of highway М-11 Moscow – Saint-Petersburg  258th km – 334th km (Vyshniy Volochok passby) in the Tver region. The company built bridges over the stream, the Tvertsa river, the Kamenka river, and 5 overpasses.
Mostootryad  №19 won a tender for reconstruction of  the long distance line pier  and bank protection of the Murmansk maritime port`s passenger area.
Primorskoe motorway-Primosrky avenue over-bridge was opened (a section of the fifth phase of the Western High-speed Diameter).
Mostootryad  №19 started construction of traffic interchange on the ring road around Saint-Petersburg on a section from motorway Narva  till the village of Bronka with approach to multifunctional maritime transshipment center Bronka .
Construction of overpass with approaches at the pivot of of Poklonnogorskaya street over railroad line of the Vyborg direction.

2013 г. Mostootryad  №19 signed a contract for construction of traffic interchange at crossing of motorway М-10 Russia and  motorway Pushkin - Kolpino. Traffic started on the northern section of the Western High-speed Diameter.

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