Mostootryad №19 Soviet period awards

Since the very beginning of its activity the team of  Bridge train  №460 - Mostootryad  №19 have been putting the company to foreground in the transport construction industry due to heroic work and professionalism. During the war and after ,and in the soviet period (1941-1989)  Mostootryad  №19 was annually awarded different decorations. For more than 50 times the company got transferable Red Banners of state, party, trade union and departmental organs for dedication and heroism during reconstruction of railroads and housing stock, foe successful mission of socialist obligations.

The list of diplomas and commendations  of Gosstroy USSR, regional committees of KPSS Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Central Committee of trade unions and other party and state departments (over 70)  is very impressing. Among awards there are a certificate of the Ministry of transport construction of USSR and Central Committee of trade unions about including Mostootryad  №19 in the chronicle of labor achievements of transport builders and First Class Diploma  of the Main Committee of All-Union exhibition of Achievements of national Economy of the USSR.

Award list

Post-Soviet period awards

In the post-soviet period Mostootryad  №19 strengthened its positions in the transport construction of Russia. For two decades the company was awarded a number of industry, city, public and international decorations. According to the totals of All-Russia Contest for the best construction company of the ministry of regional development, Mostootryad  №19 enters the construction elite of Russia on regular basis. The company is awarded Honored Diploma of the ministry of transport of the Russian Federation ‘For achievement of high  efficiency and competitiveness  in the construction and building material industry’.  A lot of times the company has won contest Roads of Russia in category of the best contractor with work scope over 5 billion rubles of Association of contractors  in road facilities ASPOR and  executive committee of All-Russia trade union of workers of automobile transport and road facilities. Mostootryad  №19 has a diploma of the winner of the international contest for the best construction company of the intergovernmental board for cooperation in the construction industry of the CIS states. 

In Saint-Petersburg the company was awarded a first class diploma of the city governor for the major contribution to the Saint-Petersburg road industry development  and diplomas of annual professional contest builder of the Year. Mostootryad  №19 has international award European Standard of international association  "European Standard", All-Russia organization of quality and European Club of managers, and the company is a laureate  of European Assembly of business  "European quality award", has Quality Gold Certificate of international "Global Quality Promotion Program".

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